Department of Medical Statistics, University Goettingen

Dr. Sebastian Jobjörnsson

Research Associate
WG Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials
Office room:
Humboldtallee 32, GF 155
Fields of Research
Short vita

[Since 06/2019] Research Associate at the Department of Medical Statistics in the working group Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials, University of Göttingen
[11/2013 - 11/2018] PhD student in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Chalmers University, Gothenburg
[11/2012 - 10/2013] Programming of test systems for quality assurance of automotive electrical control units at QRTECH AB
[12/2011 - 09/2012] Developing test applications for digital communication technologies at the Digital Unit Integration and Verification Department at Ericsson AB
[09/2007 - 01/2011] Studies of Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science at Chalmers University, Gothenburg
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
[08/2004 - 06/2007] Studies of Engineering Physics at Chalmers University, Gothenburg
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Exam Theses

  1. PhD at Chalmers University, Gothenburg
    Thesis: ‘On the Optimisation and Regulation of Clinical Trials’
  2. Master’s Thesis: ’Experimental Design in System Reliability Theory’
  3. Bachelor’s Thesis: ’The WKB method for ordinary differential equations and systems’


  1. Ondra T, Jobjörnsson S, Beckman RA, Burman CF, König F, Stallard N, Posch, M. (2019). Optimized adaptive enrichment designs. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 28(7), 2096–2111. [Full Text]
  2. Jobjörnsson S, Christensen S. (2018). Anscombe’s model for sequential clinical trials revisited. Sequential Analysis, 37:1, 115-144, [Abstract]
  3. Ondra T, Jobjörnsson S, Beckman RA, Burman CF, König F, Stallard N, Posch M. (2016) Optimizing Trial Designs for Targeted Therapies. PLOS ONE 11(9): e0163726. [Full Text]
  4. Jobjörnsson S, Forster M, Pertile P, Burman CF (2016). Late-stage pharmaceutical R&D and pricing policies under two-stage regulation. Journal of Health Economics, 50, p. 298-311 [Full text]

Talks given at seminars and conferences

  1. Clinical trial design using Bayesian methods.
    Workshop: Nonparametric Statistics Meets Stochastic Control, July 18, 2018, Heidelberg.
  2. Hur designas en medicinsk studie på bästa sätt?
    Vetenskapsfestivalen, April 19, 2018, Gothenburg.
  3. Optimal Trial Design for Targeted Therapies.
    EFSPI meeting on Biomarkers and Subgroups, June 24, 2016, Leiden.
  4. A Bayesian model for the selection of sample size in clinical trials.
    NORDSTAT2014, June 5, 2014, Turku.